i hate sunday nights.

It’s Sunday night again, which means that another work week starts in a couple of hours. I am not ready to start the Monday through Friday cycle over again. I got to relax and hang out in the sun quite a bit this weekend, and that did help recharge me a little, but I need like two more days of it to even consider being ready for work again, haha.

I had to close all the windows again because tonight is dropping to 41 degrees. Our taste of spring came and went like nothing. The next week is supposed to be cold again. It reminds me of The Who concert last May. It was so cold we wore hats and gloves, and saw flurries when we got to the amphitheater. The next day it was 80 degrees (of course).

a saturday enjoyed.

Today was a beautiful day. It was warm and breezy, so I laid out in the sun until it disappeared. It felt pretty rejuvenating. I wish the skies had been clear so I could have soaked up more of it. The vitamin D infusion was something I really needed.

Tomorrow isn’t going to be as nice, but it still is going to be decent so I’m going to try to repeat today. I have some errands to run, I have things to return. It’s only going to be the second time I’ve left since all the lockdown stuff started. It’s so weird to think about.

soooo looking forward to this weekend.

This weekend is going to be in the 70s and sunny, I am so excited to just spend that time in the yard. I think it’ll be a good way for me to recharge, considering it has been very cold, rainy, and lonely recently. I am also going to walk tomorrow to start it off, I have a route planned out that equates 3.1 miles. I am thinking I want to do that every Saturday from now on, weather permitting.

I wish I had an actual lounge chair in the yard, but my gravity chairs will fit the bill enough. Every year I say I’m going to get a lounge chair and every year when I check they are still too expensive, haha. Even those old school woven style ones are $100! I always thought those things would cost like $25. Maybe next year! 🤣

rough start to spring.

We’ve gotten these random warm and pleasant days, but they’ve been surrounded by stormy, windy days. They’ve also been followed by snowy days. I know April is usually not the nicest month in Chicago, but with everything going on I wish it would consistently stay above 60*F and that the rain would be pleasant rather than scary.

Today’s high is only 52*F, and tomorrow’s will be 64*F but it’s going to storm. After that it’s back to 50 and below. Getting to sit outside in the yard breaks up the monotony of being at home 24/7, so here’s to hoping that I get to do just that daily soon.

another saturday night.

The quarantine Saturdays have gotten old. I miss hanging out with my mom and I miss playing with Leo. Now my Saturdays are a mix of TV plus Xbox and nothing else (well at least until it warms up). I am sincerely enjoying the Xbox but I feel so unproductive.

I also miss seeing my closest-thing-to-a-best-friend. It’s weird not spending time with anyone but the dog. I know we’re going to stay in lockdown through May, though they haven’t yet announced it. It’s going to be so hard to wait another month and a half, and we still may not even get released then.

the puppy saga.

The puppy saga took another turn this morning. The breeder called and said the their co-breeder decided to keep one last night. Since only 2 are left, my turn is on hold til the next litter. She did mention that the litter she is expecting in June will likely have brindle pups as the male is brindle. I definitely wanted a brindle more, so it didn’t end up being such a bad thing. These pups would be ready to come home in August, so I have another 4 months to go.

I had everything purchased already except for a collar and puppy sized toys. This will at least give me some time to get that stuff and also think of a name. I wanted to stick to the theme and go with Sammy or Alfie. I also like Paulie. I used all my good names on my ferrets, this is really hard now! 🤣

the weekend was nice.

The weekend was nice. Friday I played Xbox, yesterday I spent a decent amount of time outside and finally got the portion of the fence that fell down removed, and today was another Xbox day. I am actually really glad I have been playing the Xbox so much because I hated adding the cost of it to my debt. The amount of use it’s getting makes it worth it.

My mom also came by yesterday (we stayed socially distant) to trim some trees and also cut back a branch that broke from my neighbor’s tree. It was hanging over into my yard, so she cut it back enough that when it fully breaks off, it won’t damage my fence like the last one did. She also helped me with the basketball net replacement. I starting cutting it to remove it, but it had been on there so long that the material knotted around the hooks. It actually took a good 15 minutes to fully get it off. We shot around for a bit after that, I was trying to help her with her shooting form but it’s not easy when you can’t get near each other!

Tomorrow is the big day – I am sincerely hoping that I get to come home with a dog. I have everything ready except a collar and a name, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The name I’m leaning towards is Alfie but I still really like Sammy as well.

this is a lonely time.

The last 3 days have been uneventful. I am getting lonely though. I did talk to a couple of people on the phone recently, and during the workday I also have talked to a few of my coworkers for decent amounts of time via Skype calls. The problem is that it’s no longer cutting it, I just really want to spend some quality time with someone. I know that’s selfish, but I can’t help how I feel.

I may get a puppy on Monday, depending on which is available when I get there. I am supposed to be 3rd pick of 3, which makes me think the runt puppy will be the only one left, and unfortunately with Frankie’s issues, I cannot take on another dog with similar ones. If that’s what ends up happening, I will have to wait for their next round of pups and that could be 4 months from now. Bummer.

today was a good day.

The weather turned out even better than I thought it would. We had more sun than the forecast called for, which is always a plus to me. I got the garage and patio furniture situated, and I also got the cars vacuumed and their interiors wiped up. I hate dirty cars and since I don’t have a shop to clean them at in the winter anymore, they were both gross.

I tried to get Frankie to use the ramp I got for him to go in the back of the X3 and he was terrified of it. When I tried to guide him and lift him onto it, it broke. I guess I am going to have to try those mini stairs because there’s no way he can jump up there. At least I am not taking him anywhere anytime soon.

excited for tomorrow.

I ended up taking tomorrow off. They’re now saying that it is going to be 77*F. I am planning on spending quite a bit of time outside and working on the garage/yard. It’ll be nice to get a head start on making the yard an extension of the house instead of just a dog toilet.

I started looking for online nurseries to get some plants for the backyard. I’m turning the flooded corner into a planter so if water comes in, it’ll help. I’m just having trouble finding reviews without using Google. I might have to cave and use them on this one as DDG isn’t cutting it.