i have nothing to say but i’m posting.

I am only posting because I re-did the layout here and I want to add posts just to see how they look in the new, pretty layout. Shallow? Yes. Shame? None.

The attic fan was installed this morning, and the house temperature is now back in the 70s. I usually keep the thermostat set to 74°F so I am hoping that it’ll get down to that overnight. According to Dark Sky it’s still 80°F outside, so it will probably take a few more hours before it can get that cool.

Frankie looks soooo much happier tonight than he did last night. He is curled up and cozy. I was pretty worried that the heat would make him sick, so I kept aiming the box fan towards him in hopes of keeping him cool. He had water available and everything, but I guess I’m just a paranoid dog mom.