my ac has a real attitude problem.

It’s been a long and trying run with my air conditioning system. Last year I went the entire month of July without a functional air conditioner, and the house would get to 95*F every afternoon. I am trying to prevent that from happening this year but it’s down again and the house has gotten to 87*F daily since.

The annoying thing this year is that it worked on and off through June, but when it worked it worked well. It worked so well that it makes this extra painful because just 3 days ago my house was still comfortable, and now I’m laying in bed and sweating even though I am not moving.

Tomorrow I am spending money I don’t have to get the attic fan replaced in hopes that the heat up there is what is making it so crappy. If that doesn’t work I’m going to end up having to sell a kidney so that I can pay to get the stupid system replaced. 🤞🏼 that doesn’t have to happen.