it only gets worse.

This morning when I looked outside, the lake in the yard had returned. It was actually the worst I’ve seen since living here, the water line was about a foot off the ground on the fence and the water actually went all the way behind the garage this time. I am more concerned about the other water entering the house right now, but this is also a major issue that needs the same solution: draining and grading to redirect the water. This house is such a fucking money pit and I am broke so it’s not a good combination.

The inside water issue took a really gross turn too. The crawl space must have gotten water, or the sump pump pit overflowed, because the wall in the bathroom that is against the crawl space showed water travel and left this nasty, sludgy, sandy dirt. It looked like someone took a shit all over the floor (without the smell thankfully!) and it was repulsive. I cleaned it kind of half-assed because it’s going to rain all weekend and I am sure it will come back. This whole situation is extremely frustrating. I was worried about mold behind the walls and now I have to worry about the blob taking over my house. I can’t win.