i keep thinking it’s friday.

I don’t know why but I keep thinking that today is Friday, so my brain is in Friday chill mode, but I have no reason to be because I have to wake up and do work all over again tomorrow! The plus is that next week I am only working Monday – Thursday as my testing appointment is Friday, then Saturday I pick up the puppy and have the following week off to get him situated and used to being here.

I haven’t picked a name just yet but I am still leaning towards Alfie. Frankie’s namesake is Francesco and Alfie’s would be Alphonse. Frankie and Alfie do sound cute together… 🤔

oddly satisfying keyboards.

I’m such a boring motherfucker that I am just posting so that I can rave about how much I enjoy typing on this keyboard. There’s something oddly satisfying about the clickiness of it. I guess the technical term for that is “key travel,” but whatever. Clickiness describes it better!

Of all the things I could have done tonight, I did not think I’d ponder the differences in keyboards and their clickiness, but here we are. I know mechanical keyboards are very popular, but I dislike typing on them. Boring, plastic keys are my favorite. I just like the backlight on mechanical keyboards because you can easily win me over with pretty lights.

i have nothing to say but i’m posting.

I am only posting because I re-did the layout here and I want to add posts just to see how they look in the new, pretty layout. Shallow? Yes. Shame? None.

The attic fan was installed this morning, and the house temperature is now back in the 70s. I usually keep the thermostat set to 74°F so I am hoping that it’ll get down to that overnight. According to Dark Sky it’s still 80°F outside, so it will probably take a few more hours before it can get that cool.

Frankie looks soooo much happier tonight than he did last night. He is curled up and cozy. I was pretty worried that the heat would make him sick, so I kept aiming the box fan towards him in hopes of keeping him cool. He had water available and everything, but I guess I’m just a paranoid dog mom.

my ac has a real attitude problem.

It’s been a long and trying run with my air conditioning system. Last year I went the entire month of July without a functional air conditioner, and the house would get to 95*F every afternoon. I am trying to prevent that from happening this year but it’s down again and the house has gotten to 87*F daily since.

The annoying thing this year is that it worked on and off through June, but when it worked it worked well. It worked so well that it makes this extra painful because just 3 days ago my house was still comfortable, and now I’m laying in bed and sweating even though I am not moving.

Tomorrow I am spending money I don’t have to get the attic fan replaced in hopes that the heat up there is what is making it so crappy. If that doesn’t work I’m going to end up having to sell a kidney so that I can pay to get the stupid system replaced. 🤞🏼 that doesn’t have to happen.

it’s been awhile.

It’s been a really long time since I updated. To be frank, nothing has really gone on. Lots of working, then binge watching stuff while multitasking online, and sleeping. I have gotten to go ride my bike with my mom a couple of times. She said she’d want to go to the bike trail as well, and I haven’t gotten to ride that since like 2014 or so. I rode a few different ones last summer with one of my friends, but they weren’t as good as the north branch trail.

Puppy news came through last night. The June litter arrived but I am not sure if I’ll be able to have one, as there is only one boy and that is what I want. If they do opt to keep him, there is another litter due in a few weeks so it wouldn’t be the worst wait in the world. We’ll see what happens!

today also sucked.

I had wanted to sign on before 7am today to catch up, but I was so exhausted I couldn’t wake up. When I signed on I talked to my manager and offered to use PTO for yesterday, but he said it was okay and just to get caught up today. I tried but ran into some roadblocks. Tomorrow I will sign on early.

They announced that we’re getting days off around Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. I had PTO scheduled for Tuesday, and now I’m off on Friday for free as well. I am really hoping for decent weather for all 5 days so that I can recharge. I will lay in the yard doing nothing for 5 days straight in hopes of achieving that.

I also started playing Red Dead Redemption 2 because they took GTA 5 off of Game Pass. I actually really like it so far.

i had a horrible day.

The water got really bad last night so this morning I had a rough go of it. I ended up not actually logging into work until noon, after I cleaned up down there and took a shower. After that I was too distracted and exhausted to even look at the computer screen. I feel so guilty but it’s really hard to separate all my covid feelings plus these flood feelings from everything to be able to work.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of trying to catch up.

i am so tired of water.

As a pisces I never thought I’d ever have a bone to pick with water, but it’s getting on my last nerve. The basement bathroom flooded again. I am thinking it came from the toilet and it was some back pressure from the outside line, which worries me greatly. If it’s something wrong with the line and it’s on my side I am going to be fucked. I cannot afford a $1000 repair, let alone replacement of a water line.

I try so hard to be a good person, I don’t know why I get shit on so much.

bye bye, ig.

I deleted my Instagram accounts today. I hate Facebook and everything it’s done to the web, so I couldn’t in good conscience continue to use it. It also became pointless to use by getting rid of chronological posts and inserting ads every other photo. I also read today that they are showing sponsored stories as well. Yeah, no thanks.

I fully committed to Pixelfed by making Frankie an account on there like I had with IG. No one I know in real life will follow it as they’re all on IG, but that’s okay. I know that there are people on the fedi that will 😊

it only gets worse.

This morning when I looked outside, the lake in the yard had returned. It was actually the worst I’ve seen since living here, the water line was about a foot off the ground on the fence and the water actually went all the way behind the garage this time. I am more concerned about the other water entering the house right now, but this is also a major issue that needs the same solution: draining and grading to redirect the water. This house is such a fucking money pit and I am broke so it’s not a good combination.

The inside water issue took a really gross turn too. The crawl space must have gotten water, or the sump pump pit overflowed, because the wall in the bathroom that is against the crawl space showed water travel and left this nasty, sludgy, sandy dirt. It looked like someone took a shit all over the floor (without the smell thankfully!) and it was repulsive. I cleaned it kind of half-assed because it’s going to rain all weekend and I am sure it will come back. This whole situation is extremely frustrating. I was worried about mold behind the walls and now I have to worry about the blob taking over my house. I can’t win.